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本文摘要:最近旅店来了很多多少外国客人,看其他小同伴交流的时候都是整段整段的往外说,只有自己是一个单词一个单词的往外蹦,感受好丢人,可是却没有措施。今天,一起学习餐饮服务常用的95句英文。 1. Good afternoon,Sir. Welcome to our restaurant. Do you have a reservation?下午好先生接待惠临我们餐厅请问您有预订吗?2. How many people are there in your party?



1. Good afternoon,Sir. Welcome to our restaurant. Do you have a reservation?下午好先生接待惠临我们餐厅请问您有预订吗?2. How many people are there in your party?你们一共几小我私家?3. Would you please come with me?请您跟我来好吗?4. Please step this way.。这边请5. Will this table be all right?这张桌子可以吗?6. Would you like to sit near the windows??您是否喜欢靠窗坐?7. Where would you like to sit?您希望坐在哪?8. You can sit where you like.您可以随便坐9. I’m sorry,that table is already reserved.对不起那张桌子已经预订出去了。10. Here’s the menu.这是菜单。

11. I’m sorry,the restaurant is full now. We can seat you in 20 minutes对不起现在餐厅已做满分钟候我们可以摆设您入座。12. You can wait in the bar if you like and we’ll call you when we have a table.如果您愿意可以在酒吧等一等我们有了桌子会去请你的。13. I’m sorry,there isn’t a table right now. there will be a wait of about 20 minutes. May I have your name,please?对不起现在没有空桌了,恐怕要请您等20分钟,请问您姓名?14. Would you like to have a drink in the lounge while you wait?we’ll accommodate your party as soon as possible?您是否愿意边等边在休息处喝喝饮料?我们会尽快摆设你们入座。

15. I’m sorry,there aren’t any more tables. I can seat you if you don’t mind sharing a table with that lady.真歉仄现在已没有多的桌子了如果您不介意我可以摆设您与那位女士公用一张桌子。16. I’m sorrythere aren’t any vacant tables. I can arrange for you if you don’t mind sharing a table with the ladies.对不起,已经没有空桌了,如果您不介意的话,我可以摆设您与那里的女士同坐一桌。17. Excuse me,would you share the table with that lady?对不起您与那位小姐适用一张台好吗?18. Please wait a moment,I’ll arrange it for you.请稍等我马上给您摆设。19. Please wait a moment,your table will be ready right away.请稍等您的桌子马上就会准备好。

20. Your table is ready now,sir. Thank you for waiting.先生您的桌子已准备好了谢谢您久等了。21. We can seat your party now,sorry to have kept you waiting.我们现在可以摆设你们就座了,对不起让你们久等了。22. Would you like to try today’s specials?请尝尝今天的特色菜好吗?23. Please wait a minute,I’ll arrange it for you.请稍等我马上为您摆设。24. Please look at the menu first. Would you like try today’s special?请先看看菜单您想尝尝今天的特色菜吗?25. Excuse me,may I take your order now?对不起现在可以点菜了吗?26. Would you like some dessert?您喜欢吃点甜点吗?27. Sorry,it takes some time for this dish,could you wait a bit longer?真对不起这道菜需要一些时间,您能多等一会吗?28. Do you mind if other share the table with you?您是否介意别人和您同坐一桌?29. Would you please write down your room number?I will give you a ring when we have a vacant table.请写下您的房号,有了空桌我马上给您打电话。

30. Good evening Sir, are you ready to order now ?晚上好先生,您现在点菜吗?31. Would you like something to drink before your meal?用餐前您是否想要点饮料?32. What brand of gin would you prefer?您喜欢哪种牌子的金酒?33. Are you like to order now sir?先生,您想现在点菜吗?34. Would you like to order now?您现在点菜吗?35. Have you decided on anything?您决议吃什么了吗36. Would you like something to drink?你想喝点什么?37. Would you like some appetizer before lunch?午饭前您想吃点开胃的工具吗?38. We’ve got …today. ……我们今天有……39. Today’s special is… ……今天的特色菜是……40. Everything is a la carte.这里只能点菜,没有套餐。41. We have a buffet. You can have all you want for $10我们有自助餐,您交10美元可以吃所有食物。42. That’s served with a roll and pickle.另有面包和泡菜。

43. I’m sorry there are no chops left.对不起,没有排骨了。44. I’m sorry we haven’t got any more lobster today. May be you would like to have it tomorrow.对不起,今天的大虾已经卖完了,也许您明天愿意再来吃。45. I’m afraid that this vegetable is not in season. Would you like to try something else?歉仄,恐怕现在不是生长这种菜的季节,您是不是吃点此外什么46. How would you like the eggs?您喜欢几成熟的鸡蛋47. How would you like the steak done, well done、medium or rare? ?您喜欢几成熟的牛排?熟透的、还是适中的、还是半生的48. Perhaps you would like some B.B.Q.也许您想吃点烤肉。

49. I would recommend this dish to you It is very good.我愿意向您推荐这道菜,味道很是好。50. How about trying some…perhaps you will like it?……您是不是尝一尝……,这道菜味道很好51. May I suggest…?It’s very tasty. ……我建议您吃……这道菜味道很好。52. I’m sure you will enjoy it.我肯定您会喜欢它的。


53. I hear it is very good, perhaps you would like to try some.我听说很好吃,也许您想来点尝尝54. If I were you, I’d have the vealIt’s our specialty.如果是我的话,我就要小牛肉,因为是我们这里的特色菜55. What would you like with veal?小牛肉您喜欢配点什么?56. Mao Tai is well-know in the world. It’s produced in Guizhou province. You might be interested.茅台酒誉满全球,是贵州生产的,您可能会感兴趣的。57. The ice-water here is safe to drink. What would you like to order Madam?这里的冰水饮用是宁静的,夫人,您想订些什么?58. Do you want cooked or dry cereal?你是要热的粥还是现成的粥?59. We have reserved three tables for your group from table No.16 to 18. 1618我们为您的旅游团预订了三张桌子,从16号桌到18号桌。

60. How much will you pay for each person?每小我私家准备花几多钱61. Is there anything that needs improvement?有什么需要革新的吗?62. Will you look at the menu for the party to see whether you want to add or change something?请您看看这个团队的菜单,看还需要添点什么或更换些什么吗?63. Would you like Chinese food or Western food?你们喜欢中餐还是西餐?64. Sorryit takes some time for this dish. Could you wait a little bit longer?对不起,这道菜需要一段时间,你能多等一会吗?65. I’m sorry. That dish is not available now.真对不起,这个品种刚卖完66. All rightI’ll contact the chef and make you satisfied.好的,我跟主厨联系一下,会使您满足的。67. Sorry this wine is only sold glass. How about a bigger one?对不起,这种酒只卖零杯,您看杯大一点好吗?68. Can I arrange a snack for you if time is pressing for you?如果您赶时间的话,我给您摆设一些快餐饭菜好吗?69. Would you mind serving now?现在上菜好吗?70. Pardon meI’ve made a mistake about your dish.请原谅,我把您的菜搞错了。

71. Sorry I’ll let you know when I make sure.对不起,我问清楚马上就告诉您72. Anything else would you like?您想再要点此外吗?73. Would you like to have some fruit?您喜欢吃点水果吗?74. What kind of vegetable would you like?We have a choice of fresh asparagus、green beans、spinach and grilled tomatoes.您想要哪种蔬菜?我们有新鲜的芦笋、豆角、菠菜和烤熟的西红柿供您选择。75. We offer European breakfast and American breakfast which one do you prefer?我们这提供欧路式早餐,美式早餐,您喜欢哪一种?76. A variety of fruit juices are served herewe have tomato juice、orange juice、grapefruit juice and pineapple juice.这里供应种种水果汁,有番茄汁、橙汁、葡萄汁、菠萝汁。77. We serve toast、rye bread、croissant and Danish pastrieswhich do you prefer?我们有吐司、黑面包、牛角包、丹麦点心等,您要哪一种?78. Breakfast contains boiled eggs 、scrambled、friend or poached eggswhat is your preference?早餐包罗煮蛋、炒蛋、煎蛋,您要哪一种?79. We serve a variety of fruits:bananas、litchis、pineapples、pears、watermelons、apples and orangeswhich would you like?我们有种种水果:香蕉、荔枝、菠萝、梨子、西瓜、苹果、橙子等。

您喜欢哪一种?80. What would you like to drink?we’ve a great variety of wines. Which kind of them do you prefer?您要喝什么?我们有很多多少种酒类,您愿喝哪种?81. We serve hot drinks:hot chocolate、coffee、tea、hot milk and cocoawhat is your preference?我们提供种种热饮:热巧克力、咖啡、茶、惹牛奶、可可,您要哪种?82. We provide Scotch whiskyIrish whisky Canadian whisky and American whiskywhich do you prefer?我们的威士忌有苏格兰的,爱尔兰的,加拿大的,美国的,您要哪种?83. With or without ice,please.请问要冰还是不要加冰的?84. If you don’t like this drink, how about that one?如果您不喜欢这种饮料,是不是喝点谁人?85. Would you like to say“when”,please?请您告诉我什么时候停好吗?86. Would you like your coffee with milk and sugar?您想在咖啡里加点牛奶和糖吗?87. If you prefer something milder,there is ShaoXing rice wine,it’s a real Chinese specialty in South China.您如果想喝点温和些的酒,有绍兴加饭酒,这是中国南方的特产酒。88. We serve different wines like FrenchItalianGermanAustralian and American. What is your preference?我们提供各国葡萄酒,有法国的,意大利的,德国的,澳大利亚的和美国的,您要哪种?89. We serve these beers San Miguel Carlsberg LowenbrauSun ToryBlue Ribbon and Five starwhich one do you prefer?我们有种种啤酒,生力啤,嘉士伯,卢云堡,三得力,蓝带和五星,您要哪种?90. We provide a set-menu dinner buffet barbeque or cocktail partywhat is your preference?我们提供西餐套餐,自主餐,烧烤,鸡尾酒会,您要哪种?91. Did you enjoy your meal?你吃的满足吗?91. May I take this way?我可以撤掉这个吗?92. May I make out the bill for you now?现在可以为您结帐吗?93. Here is the dish you ordered,and you another sweet and sour pork is coming soon.这是您点的菜,您点的另一道餐咕噜牛肉马上就会送上来。

94. I will check,I am afraid there is no mistake,this is the dish you ordered.我来查一查,恐怕我们没有搞错,这道菜是您点的。95.That takes quite a while to prepare.这道菜需要一段时间才气做好。